Why is the oil clear?

High quality oil starts from high quality plant extracts, and that's where we start. We then utilize proprietary refinement techniques in a multi-step process that selectively removes major plant contaminants from the oil including chlorophyll, plant lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. An added benefit of this refinement process is a water clear oil with amazing optical clarity.

How does it vape so smoothly?

Removal of the major plant contaminant components (mentioned above) is crucial in creating a smooth vaping experience, as they tend to burn and not vaporize when heated, and lead to off-tastes and persistent burning and charring at the heating element.

Is your oil “bleached”?

No, we do not utilize any bleaching agents, including acid-activated clays, that reactively break-down highly colored components and alter the chemistry of the oil.

Is your oil full spectrum?

Our oil is not just thc distillate, it is a full spectrum cannabis extract. While our refinement process removes the majority of plant impurities, important cannabis biomolecules such as phytocannabinoids and terpenoids are retained.

Does it contain cannabis derived terpenes?

All of our cartridges contain cannabis derived terpenes, this fact can be revealed through laboratory tests and comparison with other manufacturers...

I heard all water clear oil is D8-THC. Is your oil D8 or D9-THC?

A bleaching process utilizing acid-activated clays has gained some popularity in cleaning up distillate. The bleaching clay also produces a water clear extract, however due to its low ph (acidity) and combined with high heat, it converts natural d9-thc into another isomer referred to as d8-thc. This d8 isomer lacks the bioactivity and many of the effects that the natural d9 isomer possesses. In addition, the process used to produce water clear d8-thc also produces a myriad of other trace by-products - many of them not naturally found in the plant and not quantified during routine lab tests. While d9-thc has been used safely for millennia, the long term effects of d8-thc, and these other by-products are not known. Currently, tree base klear only offers water clear d9-thc products.

Is your oil cut with any additives?

No. Our cannabis oil is just that, cannabis oil. We generally achieve potencies ranging from 75-85% d9-thc, with the other 15-25% consisting of other natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes. Our oil does not contain any additional excipients such as propylene glycol (pg), polyethylene glycol (peg), vegetable glycerin (vg), medium chain triglycerides (mct), or coconut oil.

Is the oil in your vapes lab tested?

All of the oil tree base klear produces goes through complete lab testing. As a matter of fact, it goes through complete lab testing 3 separate times before it reaches you. The initial extracted oil is first tested for pesticides, chemical residues, potency and microbial contaminants. The oil is tested once again prior to filling into cartridges, and finally tested a 3rd time before being distributed to retail locations. Tests 1 & 2 are performed by tree base klear using a 3rd party lab, while test 3 is performed while the product is held independently by distribution until it receives the thumbs up.

Does your product contain Pesticides?

No. As mentioned above, we implement rigorous testing procedures in triplicate to ensure that none of our products contain pesticides or chemical residues. Furthermore, none of our products would even be allowed on the market without an independent distributor and lab performing testing of the packaged product before distribution.

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